Recent Posts from my Now Page

  • Reading more about the climate crises
    I want to get to know as much as possible about the climate crises – A crisis it is, heavy rain in Germany and fires in the USA and Canada – and read the Book “What if we just safe the world” (Was, wenn wir einfach die Welt retten?) from Frank Schätzing. 14.07.21
  • Holiday in Austria
    I’m currently taking some days of in Austria. While every country reacts differently to the Corona Crisis, the Austrian federal state Tyrol apparently decided to stop most of the measurements I know from Germany. There is no requirement to wear a mask while being indoors most of the time (for example in a shop). A […]
  • Re-reading Essentialism
    I’m currently re-reading Greg McKewons Book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. In times of a lot of stress, I always think about an alternative approach to different things. I’ve read the book on Kindle before but needed to go through the paperback version to really absorb the outlined ideas this time. It’s based on […]
  • Creating a Now Page
    Inspired by Derek Sivers idea of using a Now Page to tell the world what your currently doing, I’ve created my own. Besides creating a Now Page, I’m currently thinink about the content I want to share through this domain. I’m also working on a new design or theme for the site, but I decided just to start and […]